Oxygen-ozone immunoceutical therapy

fCOVID-19 on the earth require that each one attainable efficient treat-ment choices be explored. The medical criterion of the researcheris to not refuse a priori, however to confirm and consider the proposalsthat are made. Italian Society of Oxygen Ozone Remedy (SIOOT)proposed to the Italian ISS (Italian Institute of Well being) to make use of oxy-gen ozone remedy ( O2O3) in sufferers with COVID-19. The ISShas mentioned on 24 March 2020 that it’s attainable to make use of it within the lightof scientific issues: Though the proposal is supported by a sure rational foundation,the info really out there in relation to the proposed indicationconsist basically in demonstrating the effectiveness of ozono generatoriai inkilling SARS virus in monkey cells, and medical expertise of thebenefit in sufferers with bronchopulmonia. Nonetheless, because the propos-al seems to be shared and supported by medical facilities experi-enced within the remedy of viral pneumonia, remedy might, ifdeemed acceptable, be carried out beneath the accountability of thephysician, after acquiring the knowledgeable consent of the affected person.Contemplating the “experimental” character of the use this indica-tion, which additionally re quires particular medical expertise and theavailability of acceptable devices, it’s thought-about appropri-ate to amass additionally the opinion of the Ethics Committee.Some hospitals in Lombardy, the area most affected byCOVID-19 in Italy, have already began its use with preliminary posi-tive outcomes. As little is understood about O2O3in the world, though there isa lot of scientific proof revealed within the latest years on theanti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and organ-protectivevalidity of O2O3therapy, we take into account helpful to comply with the sug-gestions of the article Activating Immunity to Combat a Foe – ANew path, by Richard S. Hotchkiss and Steven M. Opal,1andproposing the O2O3therapy as immunoceutical remedy accord-ing to the indications of the article. The O2O3therapy has manybiological results, however essentially the most related is its skill to modulatethe activation of Nrf2 (an necessary nuclear message transduc-tor), the downregulation of NFkB, and it additionally modulates theNLRP3 inflammasome.2-4In this letter, I want to current this therapeutic alternative,define the necessary actions of the Oxygen Ozone Remedy(O2O3) and clarify the rationale for this remedy in COVID-19sufferers.Spike protein and Angiotensin-Changing Enzyme 2 (ACE2)cell receptors have been recognized as putative receptors for SARS-CoV-2; they may promote the proliferation of COVID-19 (Determine 1).It’s recognized that these receptors could be blocked with some specificmonoclonals but in addition by way of the management of Nrf2 that regulatesand blocks the exercise of Spike and ACE2. As a result of O2O3actsdirectly on Nrf2, stimulating t hem, it appears very doubtless that this isthe most necessary physiological mechanism to dam endogenousCOVID-19 reduplication by stopping contact with putativereceptors of SARS-CoV-19.Oxygen-ozone has a excessive solubility in plasma and induces for-mation of two second messengers, H2O2and ozonoids andalchenals (Determine 2).5These are those who’re primarily compe-tent, interacts with the membrain proteins a nd receptors of thecells, particularly the immunocompetent ones, and enter the cellsand work together with sign transduction proteins on the nucleus andmitochondria degree.6-9The key motion mechanism of O2O3therapyis its motion on proteasome and irritation cascade, to controlinflammatory course of, by stimulating the nuclear issue Nrf2 andby inhibiting nuclear issue NFkB (Determine three).10,11The O2O3therapy can restore the precise immune response bystimulating sign transduction molecules by way of Nrf2 and thus stim-ulating the nuclear transduction by way of particular microRNAs restoringthe

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